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Portman Plaza Hotel, Ningbo

Nanyuan Hotel
Main Superior Big Bed Room 87USD
Main Superior Twin Room 87USD

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Ningbo

CITIC Ningbo International Hotel

New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo

Holiyacht Crystal Hotel Ningbo

Ningbo Transportation

The transportation in Ningbo is flourishing. In 1996, the total investment which the whole city used for the transportation facilities construction amounts to 1,960,000,000 Yuan, the highway which were set up lately is 123.7 kilometers, the deluxe roads'surface and the second deluxe roads'surface which were changed to set up are 191.9 kilometers, the Hangyong Superhighway has already been open to traffic on December 6th in 1996, the part in Ningbo of highway from Tongjiang Country in Heilongjiang to Sanya City in Province is being constructed. The trains in Ningbo can go directly to Baotou, Bejing, Hefei etc. It broke through the international gathering boxes flight path from the Beilun Harbor to the American east coast. The quantity of swallowing and vomiting the goods in Ningbo Harbor all the rear round amounts to 76,380,000 tons, raised for the second biggest port in the whole country in 1997. The People service machines can reach to more than 20 cities such as Bejing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Haerbin, Lanzhou, Chengdsu etc.

External traffic

The Suodu Airport in Ningbo locates in a place which is apart 13 kilometers from the southwest of the downtown. There are regular buses in the sail box office which is at No.91 of Xingning Road to go to airport.

The train station is so called the South Station outside the south door, the box office locates in the east side of the station. In addition to sending to Shanghai of the K835/836, 5081/5082, the others are the new air condition trains.

Ningbo contains four long distance bus stations of south, north, east and west. The south station is the total long distance automobile station, the automobiles that go toward everyplace of the whole province and whole country in Ningbo are from the south station.

Water Carriage
The passenger transportation station in Ningbo Harbor is at the wharf in the north of the river, the box office is at No.142 of Zhongma Road, you can take the buses of 1,4,11,13,19,20,516,541,801 and 811 to the wharf and box office in the city.

Internal traffic

The start price of the taxi is 8 Yuan including 4 kilometers, the start price is 8.8 Yuan from 22:00 to 6:00, the main car type are Stantna and Fukang.

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