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Portman Plaza Hotel, Ningbo

Nanyuan Hotel
Main Superior Big Bed Room 87USD
Main Superior Twin Room 87USD

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Ningbo

CITIC Ningbo International Hotel

New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo

Holiyacht Crystal Hotel Ningbo

Ningbo Shopping

The region of Zhongshan Road, Jiefang South Road, Kaiming Street and the Dongmenkou is the most prosperous street area in Ningbo, there are large markets such as the Yintai, Zhongbai, Changfa, Xinhualian Company Building etc. But in the surroundings of the ancient color and joss-stick Chenghuang Temple, it is the region where there is the most eating place. There are all the advertisement of the famous brands lounge suit all over the place in Ningbo, the Yageer and Shanshan are the famous brands loudly. The series of beauty spots of Moon Lake Scenic Area add now → on foot street of the drum building → Zhongshan Park connect together, it is well worth to visit. Especially the ancient buildings in the drum building walking street and the curio market of Fan's Past Reside which is separated only one street are also very interesting. If buying the clothes, I suggest you go to the Rainbow Dress Square and on foot street of Chenghuang Temple; If you want to buy the gewgaw, then you can go to the large markets of the Qingfang City, the Wang Lake and Lingqiao etc.; If you want to buy the sea goods, you can go to the dry goods market of the side of Xinjiang Bridge to make choice of purchase. The tour handicraft products of Ningbo are very abundant, the famous goods have: The bone wood inseting, gold and silver embroider in Ningbo, Zhujin wood carving, turn over the bamboo engrave, colourful paint of the mire gold, straw mat in Ningbo etc.

It is the traditional craft of Ningbo. It began from the period of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, use the special Damao bamboo in the region to throw away the green skin, then opens to shell the layering, turn over the bamboo Huang, then handle the work shape and color, carve etc. to process, it is the comprehensive handicraft article. The assortment species are numerous, there are vase, mirror frame, hand basket, desk lamp, container for pens, chessboard, tea basin, the bamboo statue of Buddha, small scaled screen...etc., they are practical and beautiful, the style is special, the products are sold very well in the international market.

It is one of the ancient handicraft articles of our country, was listed as contribution in the period of Sui and Tang, it has already possessed the great reputation of the patterns were ancient, the work was careful, the handicraft was unique, they liked the paintings of Han Dynasty in the middle of Manchu Dynasty. It combining with building and furniture since can make as the adornment, and then have the practical value. Now there still are the products by Ningbo in the Leshou Hall of the Summer Palace of Bejing inside.

It is also called the Ningxiu, Fangguxiu, began from Tang and Song. In the Ming and Qing, the technical skill of Ningxiu raised gradually, the sale was extension, once run neck to neck with the Suzhou's embroider, the Hunan's embroidery, the Sichuan's embroider, the Guangdong's embroiders. The embroider articles choose to use the true silk, silk and stain as raw material, embroidering with the gold and silver line even embroider in the surroundings of the colorful patterns, or spread all over close alignment of the gold and silver line, the space of the patterns, make the dish gold and colors embroider merge into an integral whole, it is cultured and ancient, the color is please the eyes, the work is careful, it is rich with the elegant adornment lingering charm.

Zhujin Wood Carving
It is one of traditional handicraft products of “three gold" which areJinyinnicai, Nijincaiqi and Zhujinmudiao of Ningbo. Use of various craft means of the Tiejinshicai, combine the placer gold, Zhan gold, Zhan silver, powder of Li, copy the gold, carat fine, mica Yunmu and spread green, spread blue etc., and draw to the Chinese paint to become. The compositions of wood carving are full, the shape is ancient and cultured, carve elegant, the contents are mostly the matters of pleasing to celebrate, folk tales...etc., and it has the special local style of Ningbo. The building and the adornment in the Nailiangzhaoti Temple in Japan were built up to adopt the skill of Zhujin Wood Carving under the Jianzhen monk to attend personally to guide in Tang Dynasty of our country.

It uses the Chinese livings paint for main raw material, the wood birth is main, also have the bamboo slices, bamboo plaits as birth, the shape is vivid and lifelike, it is rich with the stereoscopic feeling, has the gold and silver color, the brightness please the eyes, layout is beautiful, extremely keen. The creation is divided in the three major types to float the flower, even flower and sink flower, it is one of main exit handicraft products in Ningbo.

The straw mat in Ningbo
It has four greatest characteristics of the nicety and pretty quality, hard solid, soft and smooth, simple collecting, it is popular with everyplace of the whole country, the straw mat which is weave by the Ma has the most great reputation, particularly take the Baimajin straw mat as the first grade in seat, which is abound in Huanggulin Town in Xi Country of Ningbo which often has good reputation of the country of the straw mat.

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