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Portman Plaza Hotel, Ningbo

Nanyuan Hotel
Main Superior Big Bed Room 87USD
Main Superior Twin Room 87USD

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Ningbo

CITIC Ningbo International Hotel

New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo

Holiyacht Crystal Hotel Ningbo

Ningbo Overview

Ningbo is called Yong for short, Ningbo locates on the beach of East China Sea in our country, in the middle of the continent's coast line, in the south of the delta of Changjiang River, in the east of Ningshao Plain in Zhejiang, between E120°55' to 122°16', N28°51' to 30°33'. There are Zhoushan islands to be as the natural shield in the east, it is close to the Hangzhou Gulf in the north, connects the Chengzhou, Xinchang and Shangyu of Shaoxing City in the west, faces Sanmen Gulf in the south, and connects with the Sanmen and Tiantai of Taizhou each other. The total area of whole city is 9365 square kilometers; the downtown area is 1033 square kilometers. The population is 5,384,100, the population of the downtown area is 1,219,900. Ningbo belongs to the subtropics monsoon climate, is geniality and wetness, is clear all the year round, the average temperature of year is 16.2 ℃, the average air temperature is highest in July, is 28.8 ℃, the lowest average air temperature is in January, is -4.2 ℃. The average measure of rain of year is between 1300 to 1400 millimeters equally, five go to September; it has 60% of the measure of rain for the whole year from May to September.
Ningbo contains the endless coast line, the bays turn and twist, the group of islands are numerous and densely spread out. The waters' total area of the whole city is 9758 square kilometers, the shore line is total long 1562 kilometers, the continent's shore line is 788 kilometers, and the group of islands' shore line is 774 kilometers and has 1/3 of the whole province's coast line. The whole city has 531 size groups of islands totally; the area is 524.07 square kilometers. There are two gulfs and one harbor in Ningbo, which are Sanmen Gulf, Hangzhou Gulf and the Xiangshan Harbor. Because Qiantang River, Yong River and numerous rivers empty into and take a great deal of sediment and the nourishment material, these gulfs and harbors provide abundant nutrition for the pool and inshore living creatures.
Ningbo is one of the eight great floods in Zhejiang Province; the rivers contain Yuyao River which rises in the Liang Lake in Shangyu Country, Fenghua River which rises in the Banzhu in Fenghua City, Yong River. Tyyao River and Fenghua River synthesize to Yong River in Sanjiangkou of the downtown, go in the northeast through the Zhaobao Mountain to go into the sea. The resources of water of the whole Yong River's river valley are abundant, because the volume of rain is abundant. The inshore main mountain ranges contain Siming Mountain and Tiantai Mountains. Siming Mountain is called Juyu Mountain again, is the branch of the Tiantai Mountain, crosses three countries or cities of this city which are Yuyao, Qin Country and Fenghua, and contects with three counties which are Chengzhou, Xinchang and Tiantai. The mountains rise and fall, wind around continuous, the steep cliff stand, the forest is thick. Siming mountains, according to the ambition book:" There are 800 miles of Siming's mountain surroundings, 280 peaks, the peaks mutually time, win five peaks of crest like lotus, are near stars, the summit of hill is very fair, there is square stone, such as window, medium the light of sun, moon and stars, so called Siming. This is the backgrounds of the Siming Mountain's name. The main mountain ranges of Tiantai Mountain are in Tiantai County, the other branches are in Ningbo, there are 4 greatest branches which go into Ningbo from the northwest and southwest of Ninghai County; go through the Xiangshan Harbor to the various mountains which are in the east of Zhenhai and Qin Country.

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