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Portman Plaza Hotel, Ningbo

Nanyuan Hotel
Main Superior Big Bed Room 87USD
Main Superior Twin Room 87USD

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Ningbo

CITIC Ningbo International Hotel

New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo

Holiyacht Crystal Hotel Ningbo

Ningbo Cuisine

The dishes are called the Yongbang Dishes again, it is good at boiling the seafood, fresh and salty unity as one, take the skill methods of steam, roast, braise etc. as main, pays attention to fresh, delicate, soft and slippery, original juice and flavor, the color is thicker. Like the Fupibaohuangyu, Taicaixiaofangkao, Xuecaichaoxiansun, they are cheap and delicious. If eating snacks, you should go to the Chenghuangmiao, it is since noisy and has the special features again, there are the small steamed bun of Xiefen, Tiegoumixian, Zhuyoutangyuan, Jiuniangtuanzi.. etc. While walking and eating, keeping support the belly break. You must go to the Kouzijiyao which is the famous stone for one hundred years in Chenghuangmiao.

Ten famous dishes: Rock Sugar Turtle, Goushaoheman, Fupibaohuangyu, Taicaixiaofangkao, Huonijinji, Heyefenzhengrou, Cailiujinhuangyu, Wangyoubaoegan, Huangyuyudu, Taicaituohuangyu.

Ten famous snacks: Longfengjintuan, Doushababaofan, Zhuyouyangshuhui, Xianrouxiaolongbaozi, Shaomaishuijingbaozi, zhuroutangyuan, Sanxianyan, Xianrouzhenghundun, Doushayuanzi.

The local special products of Ningboregard the seafood article as principle, mainly have: Grouper, Xinfengmanjuan, Mingfujuan, Juejuan, Shuozixie, Qingxie, Changjieshengzi, Oyster in Xidian, Haiting in Elephant Mountain, shrimp skin in Elephant Mountain, Dancai in Ningbo, Tantu Fish etc.

Rock Sugar Turtle
It is the most famous dish in the ten famous dishes of Ningbo, it is smooth of soft, sweet, sour and salty to eat, the taste is special. This dish is a kind of nourishing article, the turtle and rock sugars are braised together, it has functions of reinforce body fluid, adjust medium, repair falsely, the benefit spirit, dispel hot etc.

Choose the meat of the yellow fish and the stems of Taicai as the raw material to go into the pot and fry to become, the form likes loquat, the color is golden, it is soft, fresh and delicate, if adding the vinegar to eat, the flavor is better. Adopt the big yellow fish that are produced in the Boat Mountain Fishing Ground and Xueligong in Ningbo to make, it is the first-class food of persons' banquet in Ningbo.

Adopt the big yellow fish that are produced in the Boat Mountain Fishing Ground and Xueligong in Ningbo to make, it is the first-class food of persons' banquet in Ningbo.

Niangao in Ningbo
It is white and long form, don't add the condiment, so someone call it the Jiaobanniangao, it sounds very interesting. The tenacity of Niangao is very strong, however fry, boil, or roast to eat, all has the different taste.

The dumplings served in soup of Ningbo
It is known for Chinese and Foreign and began from the Song Dynasty, has already been more than 700 years' history. Different from Northerners, the persons in Ningbo all have the traditional custom that is whole family gather to sit and eat the Tangyuan together in the morning of Chinese New Year. The dumplings served in soup of Ningbo take the white water mill glutinous rice powder as the skin, use the lard, refined sugar, black sesame powder as farcing, the skin is thin and slippery, its white likes suet, and it is bright, don't glue.

The pastries of Ningbo's type
The pastries of Ningbo's type are the traditional snacks in the region of Ningbo, the history is long, it is one of the 12 big factions of national pastry. The pastries of Ningbo's type choos to anticipate to pay attention to, the nourishment is abundant, the shape is interesting and novel, and become to regard Shu as principle, the characteristics of Shu, soft, clear, its species can be divided into dry cake, tide cake, sugar, oil shrimp, cake, peach Shu, shortcake, moon cake etc. In addition to having special features very much of Taishengpian, Taicaiqianchengshu and Taicai Mooncake etc,, there are still the soft, frailty, sweet Ousi of Sanbei and small such as Yinyuan, the color of Yangtiebing is yellow and bright, the Mafenpian is thin and soft, the Dayou Cake is loose soft and tasty, the Doushu Sugar has the heavy soybean joss-stick etc.

It is the special products of Xikou, has more than 100 years' history, began from the period of Guangxu, adopts the first-class white wheat flour, sugar, Dongtaicai, sesame refined to make, likes the joss-stick stem, the quality is loose and frailty, is subtle fragrance and tasty, has the taste.

Yurengtou in Fenghua
Yurengtou which has the long negative great reputation is produced in Qiange of Fenghua, is enrich to contain no machine salt compositions like the starch, vitamin C, calcium, Li, iron...etc. The edible methods of the Yurengtou are many. You can braise in soy sauce, the white slice, the salt roast or the salty vegetables juice roast to eat, can also braise the sparerib to eat, Yurengtou has already become a famous dish in Ningbo, eating it to have a distinctive flavor.

It is made of Xuecai, Maoshun to pickle, it goes together with the delicate Xucai and the fresh, beautiful and pure Maoshun, the flavor is positive and fragrant, can eat with various meat and vegetables.

It is called Kecai again, is the thin vegetables stem, not only the meat flavor is fresh and beautiful, but also the nourishment value is very high. The fresh food can cook firstly, throw away the both sides lock hull and hairs, then join the turnip, laver to boil together, it is very tasty. The meat of the Dabcai in Ningbo is big but fatty, process to dry in the sun and then call it Dry Meat. Because it is a deluxe nourishment, have already been taken as the contribution of dedicate to the emperor from Tang Dynasty, the name of Gonggan is from here.

The region of Xidian in Ninghai Contury which has the name of the country of the oyster has already had the farming history for 700 years. Oyster produce here, the meat is delicate, the flavor is beautiful, and the protein content is rather high.

Grouper get the name because their bodies contain different color and spots, its meat quality is thick and solidly, is likeness the chicken, the flavor is fresh and beautiful, and the fat contention is low, the protein contention is high, produce in the region's waters of Yushan Island in Shipu Town in Xiangshan County.


The peach in Fenghua is push for the head of peaches because the skin is thin, the meat is delicate, the juice is many, the flavor is sweet, it has already had the planting history for a hundred years up to now, the Yulu Peach which is called Qiongjiangyulu and Yaochizhenpin by people are the best ones, is famous of Chinese and Foreign.

Red bayberry
The meat quality of red bayberry is thin and soft, the sweet is thick, the shape kikes pearl and the colors likes agate, belongs to the best fruit. The mound district in the region from Ling Lake in Cixi Country to Mazhu in Yao Country is about 40 kilometers long, is rather the concentration production area of red bayberry. The red bayberries in Ningbo have four major types which are White, Pink, Red and Brown, each of them has special features. Red bayberry is processed to make into the red bayberry can, the stem, red bayberry sauce, the Mijian red bayberryetc., they are liked by the Chinese and foreigners deeply.

Nagami kumquat
Nagami kumquat likes the litchi's size, it is circle and yellow, sweet and tiny sour, subtle fragrance overflow, is rated as the good product of fruit, Nagami kumquat which are produced in the region of Caiqiao in Beilun are the best. The Nagami kumquat contain several species like Jindan, Luowen, Jinzao, Jindou etc., particularly with the Jindan is the best in the Nagami kumquat, the fruit is big and the skin is thin, the meat is delicate and the juice is sweet, the fresh food is proper. The Nagami kumquat not only eats of fresh and beautiful, and but also has the effects of the stomach of promote the body fluid, opening and managing of the spirit, is liked by people deeply.

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