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Portman Plaza Hotel, Ningbo

Nanyuan Hotel
Main Superior Big Bed Room 87USD
Main Superior Twin Room 87USD

Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Ningbo

CITIC Ningbo International Hotel

New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo

Holiyacht Crystal Hotel Ningbo

The Festival celebration of Ningbo

The Kaiyu Stanza in Shipu
The Elephant Mountain Peninsula of Ningbo owns 800 kilometers coast lines; the Shipu Fishing Bay of Elephant Mountain is one of the four greatest fishing bays in China. In order to arouse the consciousness of the ocean resources gradually reduce to the fisherman, educate the fisherman to aware of self to protect the ocean marine products resources and can keep on the development, the international community draws up to rest the fishing period in succession. Ningbo is as the foreland of flourishing fishery, also has the plan to stop fishing. They hold the grand opening fishing rites on that day which is decided in 1998 in East China Sea; send off the fisherman to sail to go out the sea. The movable contents of the Opening Fishing Stanza, give the contemporary fisherman now aggressive composition of the spirit appearance and social cultural special features. Take the rites of the fiesta sea, putting the fish to go into the sea and sail etc. to express government and social publics to send off the fishermen to go out the sea, wish to wish they go out the sea peaceful, return with a full load; Guide the large fishermen to love ocean, protect and develop the ocean resources with reasonable. The Open Fishing Stanza takes " opening fishing" as call, ask guests who come everywhere, hold to the literature activities of having the" sea" word cultural special features, make use of the literature stage of the Open Fishing Stanza, play the symphony of developing the ocean, protecting the ocean, economic trade talking, alongside the sea tour and academic exchanges...etc. to push and develop the economy.

The Liangzhu Hunshu Stanza
The story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai which is one of the four greatest folk tales in China is widely known in the whole country. For one thousand years, how many men and women prayed for own marriage at the front of the statues of Liang and Zhu, hence that bridge is called the Husband and Wife Bridge. Under such customs and atmosphere, the vulgar stanza of Liang Shanbo's temple hatched to bear then. Liang Shanbo's temple which locates in the Gaoqiao Town of Qin Country has already been opened up for the Liangzhu Park that covers more than 300 acres now. The dissimilarity of ages, the marriage vulgar need to reform, but the friendship and faithful of Liang and Zhu can never be dated, because this is thought foundation of the simple and honest people's customs and the family happiness, is the virtue of the Chinese nation. In the new century, new ages, the Liangzhuhunshu Stanza still deserves something to promote.

The Seafood Stanza in Elephant Mountain
The Elephant Mountain County locates in the eastern region in Zhejiang to follow the sea, is the south wing of the port city---Ningbo, it is on sea for three sides, one side contects with land. The land is more and the peaks are beautiful, it has many islands and sea, the weather is feat, the landscape is exquisite, often has good reputation of the sea mountain pretty woman country, the all things of the universe draw in the painting. The Seafood Stanza in Elephant Mountain is held in the seashore of Hailan Mountain on every May 1st gold week. Take the tasting the Elephant Mountain's seafood, grasping the ocean's romantic feeling as special features, the contents have the sandy beach civil and folk activity, the fishing dress demonstration, the plank performance, catch fishing and crab etc.

Dragon Boat Stanza in Dongqian Lake
The king of the dragon is the king who leads the aquatic animals in the sea in the myth and legend, Dongqian Lake has good water, the dragon naturally wants to show here. The annual Dragon Boat Stanza of Dongqian Lake lets you see the special and elegant appearances of Dongqian Lake. The Dragon Boat Stanza of Dongqian Lake started in temple fair of Dongqian Lake, the two noisy temple fairs of Dongqian Lake were on September 11th and 16th of Chinese calendar in the past. It is the ship in Huachuan Palace" the bodhisattva cruise" firstly, ascend the Tashan Temple absolute being cover" Yanqing" immediately. Then, each villages that are on the temple's foot all attend the guild. There are the copper Tong brigade, gun salute brigade and Taige, Gaoqiao, Shachuan...etc. to make the pioneer in that day, the bodhisattva of" cruise" has the disguise troop of" rise to solve the prisoner" behind. The guild activity is noisy and interesting, but the most fascinating content is to match Dragon Boat.

The Red Bayberry Stanza of Yuyao and Cixi
The red bayberry is the traditional famous fruit in Yuyao City, once was prised the litchi in Minguang, grape in Xiliang was not better than the red bayberry in Wuyue by Su Dongpo who was a famous poet in Song Dynasty. "Full Mountain is red in the summer because of red bayberry ", in front and back of Xiazhi, it is exactly the time when the red bayberry which is precious fruit in China-Nan should be sold. The red bayberry of Yuyao has the special weather condition and the soil structures, the red bayberry is big, the color is gorgeous, the juice is many, the flavor is heavy, it is well known in the world, it has the good reputation of" the Kingdom of the red bayberry". June 26th of every year is the Red Bayberry Stanza of Yuyao. Cixi City also proceeds from the same purpose, holds the annual red bayberry stanza on June 26 in every year. The seasonal of the Dragon Boat Festival, a head of full white poplar plum, flow the green jade, the red is purple, take off while eat, have a distinctive flavor, the visitors flock in endless waves, it has become a bright scenery of Nongjiale local customs visiting.

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